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Easily manage content on news or magazine apps.

What is

An easy to use and simple web interface to manage content on your mobile apps.


Build magazine or image gallery apps. Create multiple projects or categories to structure your content.

News or Press

Build news or press release apps. Pre-defined form set contains all necessary fields to make news apps.
For Developers
Content for Apps

Crowd sourced and curated blogs from bloggers. Build magazine apps with evergreen content from BlogsAPI.

For Bloggers
Content Marketing

Curate and submit your best content with permalinks to reach audience on mobile apps.

Data sets

Ready metadata for students to build apps. View more on RapidAPI.

Get the basic metadata on breeds of cats from around the world.


Get the basic metadata on breeds of dogs from around the world.


Get the basic specifications on all types of commercial airplanes.

Keto Diet API

Keto diet recipes in over 10 categories including nutritional values.

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Load content on your apps faster using integrations with global CDN.

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